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Maintaining a clean and refreshing pool can be costly and time consuming. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring optimum swimming conditions round the year. Experienced pool owners understand how climatic conditions, water chemistry and pool structure can affect their swimming experiences, which is why they travel great lengths in making sure that their swimming pools are ever-ready for a relaxing and pleasurable dive any time of the day, or night. However, proper pool maintenance is a labor intensive task that is not feasible for pool owners too busy with their daily lives. Safe and clean swimming pool is essential for healthy swimming, but it’s hard to achieve this without the technical expertise required in doing so. This is where The Pool Company steps in. We pride ourselves in offering reliable and satisfactory, high quality pool services so that your swimming pools can provide the relaxation, exercise and socialization that you always want. Our company comprises of dedicated staff, trained experts and experienced professionals that can make a significant difference in your swimming experiences. We care about our clients. This is why we have introduced various service plans tailored to the diverse needs of our clients well within their budgets. Our company offers every pool service imaginable- construction and renovation, service and repairs, opening and closing of pools and installation of all kinds of equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners and slides. We cater to the clients situated in Houston, within Sugarland, Bellaire and Richmond Area. We don’t just offer clients our services, we build a complete relationship with our clients to deliver the pool service that produces an ever lasting impression on anyone who employees our services, irrespective of their needs and budget. If despite that our clients are unsatisfied, we offer a full refund without bothering them with annoying questions. In our years of pool service experience, we have maintained 100% client satisfaction with our dedication, hard work and technical expertise. Our customized service plans let you choose a service package that suits your budget and pool requirements. From construction to repairing and cleaning to pool maintenance, we guarantee the positive change in your pool that will reflect in your swimming experience by providing you a relaxing, pleasurable and a healthy swimming experience. We aim to build a complete, long lasting relationship with you, which is why we will work with you until you are fully satisfied. So contact us today to make your swimming experience the one to remember every time you dive into your swimming pool.

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